I am a watercolor artist, so having good brushes is important for my art. Because good watercolor brushes are able to hold a lot of water and this helps control water movement. However, quality watercolor brushes are very expensive. Meanwhile, I found good and inexpensive watercolor brushes in Japan where I am from originally. My favorite brushes are Japanese traditional brushes. They are usually used for Japanese traditional painting. However, these brushes are very good with water. There are roughly two types of Japanese painting brushes. One is Kumadori brushes that are made of goat hair from china. These can be used to create a beautiful bleed effect without streaks in the watercolor painting.

The Kumadori brushes are made to create a characteristic thick, round shape rather than a pointed tip like other brushes. The brushes are usually cost around less than $10. If you like to find the best Kumadori, you can also find more expensive ones too. But I feel like that for around $10’s, Kumadori brushes are good and almost the same as high quality watercolor brushes. If you have any chance to buy Kumadori brushes at store in U.S., then I encourage you to please try it yourself. You will enjoy creating beautiful bleeding and contrast expression techniques with these quality and inexpensive brushes from Japan.


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